Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creative Minds At Work...Priceless

Our last day of teaching became bittersweet for all the students and teachers. As we took the role of both learner and educator on this journey, we found that a short time teaching can impact someone’s life forever. Those who tutored children of Mtendere were able to include two lesson plans for our final day. With the limited time given to us, we created four planned sessions to challenge our students to reach a higher literacy level using best practice strategies, reading inventories, and simplistic materials gathered from the village and each other. With many orphans making large improvements, we found success in our short trip as we used our time effectively.

Before leaving Mtendere, we had the opportunity to experience some of the students’ artwork. One of the buildings named the “skills center,” was designated specifically to showcase work created by the students. The word unique does not do justice for the creativity seen in their pieces of art. The children gathered as we entered and remained curious to see what attracted our eyes.

It was obvious from the first piece of artwork that both creativity and dedication contributed to the shop. As the eyes of the children remained focused on our intrigued interests, purchases began to take place. Artwork that should have been labeled “priceless” was bought and carried to our bus by the respective artist, who created and received the profit from the purchase. As we are eager to share with you all the items we now have, we remain more impressed by the polite and creative minds that put these detailed pieces together. We have also been struck by the creativity present within our own group, including the talented photographer/world traveler Molly Habich, who has been relentless in capturing the faces and moments that will be engrained when reflecting on this experience together. We are so grateful for her art, photography, that she contributes to this dynamic group.


  1. Can't wait to see even more pictures that go along with these stories. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Once again, thanks for your posts to the blog. I am anxious to see the other pictures and to hear more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience you all are having. The blog is a blessing to me as a mom of one of the students. I got a chance to know a bit of what was happening on your trip. Thanks!

    Reba Ervin